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Source port editing?

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I feel dumb. I've been playing DOOM for awhile but never have I wanted to edit something. So, to begin. I predominantly use ZDOOM source port and I was wondering if there is a way to edit the color of the cursors. I more often than not use the dot and I just want to change it from green to red. That is all.


Thanks in advance.

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If you're using a newer version of ZDoom, there's a menu to set this up. I think it's exclusive to the SVN builds right now.

In older versions, you can still use the console to change the crosshair:

crosshairhealth 0
crosshaircolor "FF 00 00"

The crosshair is actually red by default, the health setting just overrides that.

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haha, I guess you never get hurt then :D

to elaborate: Zdoom has a feature where the crosshair reflects your health, going from green to yellow to orange to red as you take damage. Turning this off in the options menu will make it stay the default red

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