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WhackEd2 - Runtime errors

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I am trying to do EXE editing but I get this error

"Runtime error 457 - This key is already associated with an element of this collection"

All I am doing is choosing the executable and data IWAD and hitting "Accept"

WhackEd3 is better but is still a little buggy. Are there any other windows based editors for EXE editing still?

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Not to my knowledge - WhackEd has always been the go-to for DeHackEd in the modern age. You can, of course, actually use DeHackEd itself, inside DosBox, but it does not understand BEX extensions, which is the primary advantage of WhackEd.

Also, ahh, the ravages of Visual languages, where adding something to a hash one too many times is a RUNTIME error instead of a catchable exception or a false return code. Silly.

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Oh that stuff is catchable alright. You do not want to know how to do that, though. It's nasty.

I've said it before and will say it again, someone needs to step up and write a replacement for WhackEd. Compared to something like a WAD editor, nevermind a level editor, it's a lot simpler, and has well-defined end goals.

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