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Z-heights and mid texture bridges

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Two questions. First: I am making a map in UDMF format and setting an object's z-height to 512. It floats at the appropriate height in DB2's 3D mode, but when I test the map in GZDoom, the object is on the ground. What gives?

Second: is a simple tutorial about creating mid texture bridges available?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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1. Are you using the designated "invisible bridge" object? If not, it could be that the object doesn't have the NOGRAVITY flag set.

2. There's no tutorial needed, you just put the middle textures where they need to go and put a bridge thing where they are.

Also, if you are using GZDoom (or ZDoom, for that matter), then you don't need to use those anymore. You can use the 3D middle texture flag very easily in UDMF, and even the software renderer can display 3D floors now if you want to use those.

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