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How can make a secret from script?

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I'm newbie at creating map from Doom Builder 2 and currently making my first map. I use ZDoom in Hexen format.

I don't know how to make a secret that, when you press a switch on the wall, item is spawned and you find the secret (Secret message show and gain higher number of secrets you found).

Currently, I only know how to spawn thing using script but don't know about secret.

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OK, Now I found the good way to demonstrate something similar to this.

When I press switch, I use TeleportInSector function to teleport myself to hidden secret sector and then teleport back again to the same sector immediately. I also set that sector's brightness to 0 and delete the texture in all sides so that the player may not realize that he/she is teleported to that sector.

Anyway, If anybody know the better way to do this please let me know :D

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In the Things list under ZDoom (I think) there is a "secret actor", which can be activated with a script using Thing_Activate(thing ID); to give the player a secret found. These count towards the overall secret count, although they are obviously not visible as map geometry or anything.

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Wow! That's way a lot easier! Use only one thing and one script line.

Actually, I know that there is Sector Secret thing but I don't know that I have to activate it and how to activate -_-"

Thanks a lot! :D

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