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Lee Griggs

PWads for DS

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No, those are just regular PWADs, so they won't work unless you merge them into the IWAD they're designed for. Yep, dsdoom doesn't have a -file parameter, or any equivalent. Which is strange, since it's based on PrBoom... Could be due to memory issues, since original DS(Lite) only have 4 MB RAM.

But anyway, you can merge an IWAD & PWAD together with DeuTex or similar WAD-hacking tools (check the wiki).

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ok thanks, I will look into that if it is not too difficult.

Im wondering if there is an easier way of playing doom wads on the move. From what Ive seen the PSP still needs PWads?

I wonder if there are any other hand helds that play regular doom wads?


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I and some other guys were actually working on a Doom project for the DS, but the technical limitations of the DS meant we were constantly running into problems.

I can tell you that its very possible to play Pwads with DS Doom, but its a hassle.

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oh sweetness and light!

ok, so I just tried merging (totally new to this btw) a wad with the official doom2 wad and it didn't seem to work.

Is that the right thing to do? Am I missing something?


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Well looks like my info was out of date. They just recently (last month) added support for regular PWAD and DeHackEd files:

The catch is: you need a card that has argv support (they list a few that do). So maybe you don't have to go through all this merging craziness...

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