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French BEX

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Thanks to all responders for whatever help they provided.
DoomLegacy has got BEX string/pointer/pars/include support, in the latest svn commit (not in release yet). Thanks to prboom too, for I spent some time figuring out how BEX works by looking at their version.

For anyone who wants Doom in another language, the following will probably be of interest.

During the BEX code changes the d_french.h system got fixed to be compatible with the DEH/BEX system. French strings no longer compromise the DEH changing of strings.

The first compile-time option is to replace the text[] strings with french strings. The DEH_Init is first allowed to copy the original strings so it is not affected. The french strings are replaced by four functions. One runs early and changes strings that DEH is not allowed to affect. Then there are separate functions for Doom/Doom2, Heretic, and Chexquest (because the main code has to conditionally call them).

The second compile-time option is to enable BEX_LANGUAGE code.
This allows a language BEX file to be loaded. Any language BEX file can be specified by command line option,
example: " -lang german" would load german.bex.
This BEX_LANGUAGE option only can get to the strings that BEX can, but it is enough to play the game. In DoomLegacy the language bex is allowed to change some strings that PWAD are not allowed to change.
There is also an option that automatically loads "lang.bex" by default.

Many new strings have been added, and french string translation is needed.
Most of the error messages are still not included in either option.

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