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Doom2 TAS UVMax Map01 - Map12 - 22:18

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I worked on this earlier in the year but I got a bit lazy after map 10 because I didn't have Andrey Budko's routes to replicate, so here is what I've got so far...


Hopefully there will be a Part 2!

I'm nowhere near the speed of Andrey but my main goal was to do a decent TAS uvmax of all of Doom2 and I'll leave it to someone else to go for perfection :) First few maps were too slow but I was just getting into the swing of things and got a bit sharper after that but there were some problems with Map08 and crowd control so I ended up doing a safe run out of frustration after many back to the drawing boards. Map06... I dunno how Andrey got the lift to be ready for him after the blue key part because I tried many times with no luck and so ended up waiting for the lift :(

I'm probably gonna start up again and try to finish more/all of the maps once I figure out Map13.

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I didn't do the demo with any comp levels and it was recorded under prboom-plus, so it's probably only viewable with that.

Also shows the progress I've made on Map13 in the last couple of days.


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Nice demo, it was interesting to see the increase in quality from start to finish. Map 01 and 02 were a bit weak, but you came back with mostly strong tas performances after that. I particularly enjoyed map 09; not using complevel 2 made that map a bit harder for you.

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