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Video capture using PrBoom-plus HELP!!!

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Well, I got a youtube channel, but till now I still havn't got any demos uploaded to youtube yet, except for the 340+ demos in DSDA. I heard from Ryback that using PrBoom-plus is possible for video capture. J1Learn8Shiore uses Ryback's method and successfully capture demo videos. I have asked J1Learn8Shiore for help, and I download the required files as shown here:

1. PrBoom-plus
2. mkvmerge GUI
3. oggenc2
4. X264

Everything is put into the the PrBoom-plus file, I recorded a file named "XXX". And then I use the command "-timedemo XXX.lmp -viddump XXXvideo.mkv" for video capture. Yep it do works, but the demo recording went extremly slow and crashes a lot. And when I have a look at the recorded demo using .mp4 format, the demo do works file but there's no sound!

What is actually happening? Can anyone help? I really hope to upload demos to youtube. Actually I hope that Ryback may help me if possible,

I got FRAPS but it doesn't work at all!!!

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