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[Discussion] "Who's gonna finish it?" project idea

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Sigvatr said:

You know everyone is just going to make a joke map out of this to thwart you?

Hopefully there will still be enough serious submissions :P

tempun said:

The idea is not new. Most recent project that I remember: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=16172
The only difference is that they used Oblige map as a base.

I already read about that but in my eyes Oblige maps are already almost finished in a certain way that doesn't leave many options and ideas to the mapper anymore.

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I would have suggested slige instead, since its maps are a lot more basic. In fact, I'm hoping to do a project like that sometime, but right now I'm already busy with Undeath '94 megawad.

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Phobus said:

Nice idea, but I'm too busy :(

I actually expected this considering all the projects popping out lately :) That's why I thought about a simple and easy layout that doesn't need a lot of work or time overall.

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