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Favorite weapons in any game?

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Philnemba said:

Super Shotgun(Doom 2)- Just like everyone else, no reason to explain :P

Because it's overpowered as hell on CQC. Supershotgun + small distances + enough cover between reloads = win.
PS: I'm not complaining.

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Philnemba said:

Hellstaff(Heretic 1/2)- Rapid fired red energy orbs of death ftw

Oh, I love summoning the red rain when the Tome of Power is applied to that weapon in Heretic1. :)
In Heretic2, however, this same effect was for some reason removed from the Hellstaff and used in a new weapon called the Storm Bow. So in that game I've been using the Storm Bow quite a lot for the first few months, until I got bored of being fragged by phoenix arrows. LOL

Nonetheless, I still enjoy summoning the red rains during those few days when I don't care much about having a slightly lower frag count than someone else. I'm just obsessed with thunderstorms, ever since I was a child. ^_^

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Most anything - Rachet & Clank series
Some notable favorites are the Suck Cannon; suck up small enemies and use them to blow up bigger ones. The Miniturret Glove is also fun; lobs spheres which form turrets to supply additional firepower. Also the shotgun and sniper rifles are always a joy to use. And then there's the RYNO, the shoulder-mounted multi-missile launcher.

Most anything - .hack//G.U.
Scythes and broadswords with chainsaw-like rotating teeth, and handguns with front-mounted blades, aww yeah.

Superballer and Chicken Wand - Heretic Stylemod
The first is like an amped up version of Heretic's amped Firemace. Press & hold fire to send out a cluster of bouncy spheres... and then release to blow them all up. The second fires homing chickens as a primary, and launches a spread of chicken-morphing eggs as an alternate.

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Doom series - Super Shotgun
Gunstar Heroes - Force + Chaser
Quake - Super Nailgun
Chex Quest - LAZ Device (Yes it's just the BFG reskinned but I grew up with Chex Quest so it's nostalgic)
Earthworm Jim - Whatever his gun's name is

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Super Shotgun from Doom II
Redeemer from Unreal Tournament
Warhammer from Medievil: Resurrection
Battleaxe from Medievil: Resurrection
Agents of Doom from Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters
Concrete Donkey from Worms World Party

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spray gun - contra (holy shit weapon)

rocket launcher - doom\II (they're fast enough and kill in one hit (mostly))

feather - mario (to fly..)

super nailgun - quake

diamond sword - minecraft (so shiny and strong :D)

melee weapons - any game (it's challanging)

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The tanooki suit was an entirely separate thing. And the noise it made when you turned into a statue used to scare me when I was four, so racoon Mario > tanooki Mario.

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