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Favorite weapons in any game?

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What's your top 5/10 favorite weapons to use from any game? Why do you like them -- powerful; looks or sounds cool; takes skill; fun in context of game,etc. Here's mine:

1. Minigun (Serious Sam:FE/SE(HD)) - While it looks like just your ordinary minigun you'd see from most shooters, to me it's the design of SS that makes this gun so fun. Unrealistic enough that a dude can carry an HMG with ~1k rounds, it's also pinpoint accurate at any range, which has you zipping your mouse & crosshair as you mow down the waves of enemies.

2. Plasmagun (Doom/II) - A classic weapon that defined arcade action. When you start facing a number of stronger enemies, the plasmagun is my default choice. It rips through the fodder like nothing and deals decent damage to pretty much all enemies, in small or large numbers. In multiplayer a skilled player who can lead targets with the PG is deadly. Don't like the loud annoying sound it makes though.

3. Flak Cannon (Unreal Tournament III) - Although the flak cannon has been pretty much the same throughout the UT games, I picked the UT3 version because it's exactly what I wanted out of a weapon remake. It is one of the coolest looking weapons (from the 1st per. POV) I have ever seen. It still has that powerful shotgun blast & grenade shot, but when you punch someone w/ the primary in melee range, the camera kicks back to let you know that you just took a huge chunk outta that guy.

4. Chaingun (Doom 3) - It was everything I wanted the original chaingun to be. The machinegun you get earlier shoots BBs compared to this. It's looks are a faithful remake of the old chaingun, and it fires slower because the shots deal a ton of damage per shot. It sounds awesome too. There should have been more ammo for this gun though, because you don't get to use it enough.

5. Stakegun (Painkiller) - PK weapons are pretty sweet, and my favorite is the stakegun/grenade launcher because while the other weps are designed for spraying across a crowd, the stakes are for longe-range enemies. It projectile speed & drop force you to lead and compensate for height, resulting in some satisfying kills. The grenade launcher is nothing special, but the the combo (shooting a grenade mid-air w/ stake becomes exploding stake) is awesome if you can take out several distant enemies with it.

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Single barrel shotgun from Doom - it's reliable and I almost never use anything else.

Double-barreled shotgun from Quake - same reasons.

Earth shaker missile and helix cannon from Descent 2 - they're just fun to use and they cause a lot of damage.

Firebomb from Rise of The Triad - ludicrous gibs!

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SSG from Doom 2 - Should be obvious

Berserk fist - Fisting revenants is lots of fun. Plus gibbing imps with your bare fists = awesome.

Rocket launcher from Doom - Very versatile and balanced, plus its role can vary a lot depending on available ammo, from a panic weapon to your main gun.

Ruger Mini 14 from Jagged Alliance 2 - Usually the first rifle you get, which makes it stand out. Reliable, strong and all around nice.

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SSG, Rocket Launcher, Plasma gun and BFG 9000 for Doom - I always like to have slaughters using strong weapons.

AWP and M4A1 for Counter-Strike - Very powerful weapon. Killing terrorists using AWP from far side is fun!

Enermy Chaser for Metal Slug - I can kill enimies very relaxing with this powerful weapon. And the rockets move fast!

Purple charging laser for Raiden Fighters - It's the weakest weapon in the game, but I found it very useful against enimies which are nearly out of screen.

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The lightning weapon in Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja. In the arcade version, it roasted enemies while doing a stock "x-ray electrocution" effect. It was also easily the best boss-killer and group-killer weapon in the game (was not stopped by "invincible shields", travelled the fastest of any other weapon etc.) and was so rare (it was only given in one stage of the game) that it added to the challenge to keep it wihout changing it for the rest of the game :-p

Oh and most of Postal 2's weapons: the handgun which is ridiculously precise and deadly at sniper ranges, the various fire and anthrax/disease weapons, as well as some of the wackiest stuff like dervish cats, the nuke which can take out an entire level etc.

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Raiden II's "Toothpaste laser" (the purple weapon), the .44 Magnum from Soldier of Fortune, Wolfenstein (2009)'s Mauser rifle, and Deus Ex's GEP gun.

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1. Farsight XR-20 - Perfect Dark
Hands down, the best sniper rifle ever put in a videogame. Not only is it a 1-hit-kill gun, but it can see through walls. IT CAN SEE THROUGH FUCKING WALLS. Game over.

2. Laptop Gun - Perfect Dark
It's a regular rifle that turns into a precision-firing gun turret. It also can be attached to walls, sloped surfaces, and ceilings. And its light-blue color helps it blend in on some maps. The Laptop Gun kicks fucking ass.

3. Super Shotgun - Doom II
I don't need to explain.

4. Lancer - Gears of War
Its a rifle with a chainsaw attached holy shit dude what the fuck thats awesome

5. HV Penetrator - F.E.A.R.
It's a Nailgun, but it can pin enemies to the walls if you kill them with it. It also take down Powered Armor, Heavy Armor, and regular troopers easily. Extremely versatile, and hilarious to use.

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In no particular order, just off the top of my head...

1. minigun from vice city. This thing is as accurate as a sniper rifle jesus christ.

2. poison shotgun thing from prey. I like the design of this a lot and although semi-powerful it has a tendency to chew through ammo rather fast.

3. railgun from unreal 2. If unreal 2 has 1 redeeming factor, it's the weapon selection. Most every weapon looks nice and feels nice, but the railgun tops them all. Awesome reload animation and a great altfire.

4. military sniper rifle from L4D2. Because it's the best weapon in the game.

I will also ditto the jackbomb and laptop gun as well.

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In no particular order:

Laser Tripbomb - Duke3D
More games need to have this weapon. Was just a fun novelty to play with.

Speargun - Aliens Vs Predator II
Seeing as the normal concept of a sniper rifle has been done to death in FPS games, this feels like a nice change of pace somehow. Bonus points for impaling heads on walls.

Defgun - Battlefield 1942
Those big turrets on the Wake Island and Iwo Jima maps. Not only powerful enough to sink a ship, but also accurate enough to pick off the surviving soldiers swimming to shore one by one. Fantastic.

Pulse Rifle - Unreal Tournament
Mostly just for the alt-fire. A nice big green beam of death.

Super Banana Bomb - Worms 2
Doesn't need an explanation.

Saucepan - Left 4 Dead 2
Just for the satisfying noise.

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Plasma gun (Doom 1/2) - Fast, powerful stream of death that also rocks in multiplayer.

Devastator (Duke 3D) - Ludicrous gibs and cool on bosses.

Laser cannon (Q1 Scourge of Armagon) - Powerful with ricochet and SW blaster sounds.

Chaingun (Quake 2) - Forget Doom's popgun, this is where it's at.

Super Sheep (Worms 2 and up) - A controllable bomb, 'nuff said.

Bio Rifle (Unreal 1) - Neat concept, a weapon that doesn't work at short range or long range and you can spray blobs everywhere for enemies to step on.

Magnum (Half Life 1) - Why wasn't it a .44 though?

Alien egg creature (HL1 Opposing Force) - Kinda cute, and useful too.

Cow launcher (South Park) - Moooooooooo.

Gravity gun (Half Life 2) - I could have fun all day with this, picking up random stuff and throwing it at mobs.

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Daiyu_Xiaoxiang said:


You dick.

For me I'd have to say the penetrator from FEAR. I know the concept of a weapon that nails enemies to the wall is pretty old but somehow the one in FEAR just seemed the coolest.
I also love Doom's BFG, naturally.
And last but not least, the Obakan assault rifle from STALKER. In Call of Pripyat the saw mill was usually, if not always my first stop in the game so I could try to obtain it as soon as possible. From that point on it would literally never leave my side.

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Fusion Cannon - Turok: Part of me is hoping the BFG emulates this in Doom 4 cause I'm gonna want a mini-nuke to kill "30 demons at once". I absolutely loved firing this thing.

Cerebral Bore - Turok 2: While I felt Turok 2 was not as good as the first one, the cerebral bore is just the most fun I had firing a weapon since I picked up the RL for the first time in Doom.

Shotgun - Doom: The original, of which all FPS shotguns continue to fail in comparison

Rail Driver - Red Faction 1/2: While many games before it had railguns in it, Red Faction was the first one I played where I could X-Ray through walls and kill dudes before they even became a threat, something like this would be awesome for Doom.

Shrink Ray/Expander - Duke Nukem 3D: This weapon was so much fun to work with, shrinking enemies and then stepping on them and/or expanding them until they splat.

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hard one, so Ill just list some of them.

Riot Gun- Shadow warrior:
For its just so awesome look, and gun play with it.
Grenade Launcher- Shadow Warrior:
Again for its looks and gameplay.
Shotgun- Duke Nukem:
I just like it.
Sapper- Resistance
One of the most useful weapons in the game.
USAS-12- Far Cry 2
A very fun gun in the game to use.
Needler/ plasma pistol- halo 1
The most classic guns in the whole game.

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Monkey gun (Timesplitters Future Perfect) just because the gun is pretty amusing; one trigger pull shoots the whole clip without being able to stop, and I THINK (not sure) it can detect monkeys.

Brick (Timesplitters series) just for causing the most difficult challenge for me as a kid.

Tranquilizer Gun (Timesplitters Future Perfect) In story mode, immediately makes the mutants explode, in deathmatch, 3 shots makes the target slowly expand and then explode in a gibfest.

Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts series) Because I love Kingdom Hearts so much and because I find it fun to beat people up with a giant key.

I agree with the painkiller stakegun for the same reason as you, by the way.

Crossbow (Half Life games) for the same reason as the stakegun.

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In no order:

The Concussion Rifle from Dark Forces/II -
Powerful weapon, but probably best in DFII, but it's my favorite weapon in both games. How it throws guys around (And sometimes across whole arenas) in DFII is just purely awesome. The JKA CR was a terrible mock-up.

The SSG and BFG 9000 in Doom/II/Final -
No need to explain.

The M60's from PowerSlave and Modern Warfare -
PowerSlave's M60 because I love that weapon so much and that's why. Best gun in game, best gun in a lot of games. MW version because it's really the only gun I feel comfortable with in any CoD game, even though only this rendition was any good. Also, the sound it makes... OH YES.

The Rail Detonator from Dark Forces II -
Mostly because of the Alt Fire since I like watching them running around in panic, but I'm cruel like that.

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SSG/BFG from Doom 2 - always happy to have these guns.

Rocket Launcher from Quake 1 - I spent lord knows how many hours fighting over control of this gun in quakeworld deathmatch, so I can't deny this one a spot. It's not an end-all in single player since having a super nailgun or lightning bolt handy for Shamblers is always welcome, but it's still quite good.

Spreadfire from Contra/Super C - always happy to have this one again. It's not as strong in Contra 3 but in the NES classics, it's pretty much the one you always want to have.

Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 - I didn't play this game for very long but killing enemies with anything handy, including other enemies later on, is just too much fun.

Chronoscepter from Turok - I used this on deer because the explosion was cool.

Shrink Ray from Duke3D - I don't use it often but I know what I want to have when I need to make those floating commanders go away.

Hyper Beam from Super Metroid - It makes the final boss pretty much desparate when it first feels the sting of this one. Anything else gets disintegrated. (TASTE THE RAINBOW MOTHER FUCKER)

Forgot to mention one originally...

Wraithverge from Hexen - yeah it seems like a lazy weapon but seeing an army of ettins and centaurs being torn to shreds by screaming spectres is worth the mana cost.

Props for the stakegun and earthshaker missile mentions.

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Plasma Gun - Doom
Fighting with the Plasma Gun in Doom Deathmatch I always equated to painting broad strokes of death, with anything caught in your lateral strafe spray melting into a pile of dead gooey goodness.

Flak Gun - UT Series
A fantastic little twist on the concept of shotguns, with the added versatility of being able to both bounce your shots, and launch the secondary bomb for a more direct, splash damage approach. A very versatile short range weapon.

Gloves of Running Urgently - TF2
I like the GRU for the same reason I enjoy weapons like Quake-style rocket launchers and sticky launchers from TF2. These weapons are fun because they use your life as a resource for your benefit, trading HP for added mobility. You damage yourself to get someplace faster, which adds another facet to gameplay.

Sniper Rifle - Tribes
Pinpointed death, at the cost of your jetpack fuel. Even though this was one of the earlier pinpointed sniper rifles in FPSes, the added twist of it limiting your mobility through loss of jetpack energy, rather than increasing mobility through health, seemed like a very interesting trade to me. I was kind of disappointed by mods like Renegade and Shifters adding railguns with real ammo.

I don't want to be too limiting, but I feel like to me the most innovative weapons in terms of FPS gameplay come from a very small number of series--namely Doom, Quake, UT, and now TF2. Most everything else is an approximation of real life, or a functional clone of one of these weapons with some small tweaks. So I could go down this list with a bunch of UT or TF2 weapons that I just gush over the creativity of, but in the end, it would be pretty repetitive.

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Craigs said:

For me I'd have to say the penetrator from FEAR. I know the concept of a weapon that nails enemies to the wall is pretty old but somehow the one in FEAR just seemed the coolest.

F.E.A.R.'s Shotgun was also badass. In fact, I'd put it over Doom's in terms of sheer power. It doesn't quite have the range of Doom's shotgun (although you can still snipe people with it), but any direct hit from it will literally turn enemies into paste.

Hell, F.E.A.R.'s combat alone is leagues above most shooters I've played. The AI is smart, the weapons are great, and the amount of destruction you can wreak among the environment is ludicrous. Shame that F.E.A.R. 2 didn't keep all of that intact (haven't played the 3rd game yet).

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Mr. Freeze said:

Shame that F.E.A.R. 2 didn't keep all of that intact (haven't played the 3rd game yet).

3 didn't either really, the gunplay in FEAR1 is still fairly unmatched. :P

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I refuse to play Fear 3 until it is relatively cheap unless they brought back the guy who did the Replica voices in the first game. That voice was pretty badass, and the Replicas in the second game just sounded really boring.

Though really, Fear 2 wasn't really that good anyway.

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So many great weps...

Shotgun / SSG - Doom / Doom 2
Just awesome stuff right there. :D

Flak Cannon - Unreal Tournament(s)
Fun fun fun. :)

Nailgun - Quake
One of the reasons why I get the urge to re-install Quake.

Grenade Launcher - Quake
I always liked using this one to pop grenades into holes and around corners. haha Then one of the expansions had those multi-grenades... that was fukken awesome having all those things bouncing around and blowing up.

Longbow - Oblivion
Ok so this is an RPG and there's various bows in the game but anyhow.. For me this is probably the most used weapon besides the Doom shotgun. Plus if you enchant your bow you can name it something cool or ridiculous... Now I want Skyrim, dammit. :D

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I'myourtarget said:

I refuse to play Fear 3 until it is relatively cheap unless they brought back the guy who did the Replica voices in the first game. That voice was pretty badass, and the Replicas in the second game just sounded really boring.

Mark Lund voices the Replica in all three games.

I'myourtarget said:

Though really, Fear 2 wasn't really that good anyway.

FEAR 2 wan't that bad. It wasn't as intense or scary as the first, but nothing in the game was BAD...it just wasn't as good. To me, FEAR 2 is a 8/10 and FEAR is a 9/10.

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Portal Gun has to be a bit of a winner for me, but other cool weapons:

-Helghast Assault Rifle from Killzone (gotta love the underbarrel shotgun)
-SSG from Doom 2
-BFG9000 is definitely a satisfying weapon to use at it's most effective.
-Devastator - the only problem with it in both DN3D and DNF is that it never seems to have enough ammo (although 69 shots was a nice touch for DNF, I thought)
-The big grenade launcher revolver from TimeSplitters 2 was always a joy to use. (Dual) SBP90(s) was also a favourite. Hell, a lot of the weapons in that game (including the aforementioned Brick) were very good. TimeSplitters: Future Perfect also works well, but I think the Vintage Rifle and the rocket launcher with the multi-shot altfire were my favourites. Most useful would be dual SMGs and the Tactical 12-gauge with the wonders of rifle butting though.
-The Predators' Plasma Caster in AvP2 was a pretty sure-fire way of feeling bad arse, although the combi stick and spear gun felt a lot more stealthy.
-Nightmare's Soul Edge (particularly the standard version in Soul Calibur 2) was a great weapon, particularly with the Evil Eye move for added lulz.
-Agni and Rudra from Devil May Cry 3 will probably be my favourite Devil Arm of all time.
-Dual Gauss Rifles in MechWarrior 4 and it's expansions, although bonus points to MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries, which has Heavy Gauss Rifles and a mech that seems to be designed explicitly to cart two of them around. The ERPPC also gets a similar amount of love for me in twos, or even threes... it's just a shame they tend to be followed by a quick shutdown.
-Postal 2 gets an honourable mention for having an entire arsenal that is more than satisfying to use... and the innovation of using cats as silencers/extra projectiles.
-The original Unreal for the Flak Cannon, 8-Ball Launcher, Shock Rifle, Razor Jack and Bio Rifle - mostly weapons that hadn't been seen before... and certainly not as cool if they had.

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1.) Singularity Cannon (Unreal2) - Not only is it extremely powerful (even kills unkillable characters), it also has a very unique look. Basically, it is a living creature that shoots a blackhole. A game breaking weapon if you get it before the last level.

2.) Thunderbolt (Quake) - Pleasing to the eye and does its job well. Mow down a horde of monsters or take on a really big one. And also pretty fun to use underwater with Invincibility and other enemies around.

3.) Razorjack (Unreal) - Always fun to lop off someone's head who's around the corner. Has a sleek design and an interesting alt-fire that allows you to have a little control on where the blade is going.

4.) Dark Matter Gun (Quake4) - Not as powerful as the U2 SC (aka, no game breaking elements), but still fun to use against hordes of Strogg. Has a cool design, too.

5.) Redeemer (UT) - What's better than a big explosion? A bigger one that can clear an arena full of competitors.

6.) Flakcannon (Unreal) - Where this iconic weapon originally started, a cumbersome, industrial-design shrapnel launcher. Great for making nuggets out of your enemies with the primary fire and, with a well placed alt-fire shrapnel grenade, can make even the big boys buckle in pain.

7.) BFG (Doom) - Need I say why? It's big, it's bad, and it clears a room full of baddies like a well placed fart.

8.) Lightning (Twisted Metal series) - While not an FPS game, this is still a neat weapon. As long as your enemies are near the conductor, they'll get a powerful shock. Several lightning strikes in a row can kill even the strongest of cars.

9.) Elemental Flare (Oblivion) - Fire, Shock, Frost; someone has to be weak against at least one of the damage types. A good all-around spell that is also very powerful to someone who is weak against all types.

10.) Minion's Special (Twisted Metal series) - Each game has a slightly different take on Minion's special, but each one is equally as powerful as the next.
TM2: 3 powerful homing missiles and a freeze missile. Four times the pain.
TM4: 2 incendiary homing missiles and a freeze burst; IceyHot approach.
TMB: Up close is a deadly flamethrower while far away is a barrage of fireballs. It even homes in at 99% accuracy (hey, there may be a wall blocking it).

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Shotgun (DOOM series) - Nothing makes you feel like you've graduated from weakling to instant tough guy like picking up a DOOM shotgun. You're automatically more confident when wielding it. Heck, when I'm nervous in DOOM 3, just equipping it and hearing the sound of the slide being racked gives me a boost of courage.

BFG9000 (DOOM series) - Everything dies!

Vampire Killer Whip (Castlevania series) - Just too bizarre to not love: a holy whip with the power to kill undead creatures. Doubles as a means of transportation and even a shield in certain games.

Spread Gun (Contra series) - While it's a bit nerfed depending on which game you play, more often than not, the spread gun will wreck anything those nasty aliens will throw at you. A serious wallop at close range, while dealing a wide radius of death from afar.

Options (Gradius series) - I'm not sure if they quite qualify as weapons, but you can use them to effectively quintuple your firepower, and since they're invulnerable, they can dig into enemy defenses that you can't touch. Really handy.

Spray Cans (Blood) - While I won't say they're the most effective weapons ever, having a flamethrower that doubles as a fire bomb is just awesome.

Speed Booster (Metroid series) - There's not a whole lot of places where you can effectively employ it (without using cheats/exploits), but boy is it ever satisfying to just turn your body into an invincible death missile if you've got the room for it.

Camera-Guided Rockets/Missiles (Descent II, 007 Nightfire, others) - Rocket launchers are already fun. Rockets with cameras strapped to them, where you can watch your opponents flee in terror as you pilot a high explosive directly into their butthole, is hilarious.

Remote Grenades (Duke Nukem 3D, others) - Grenades are hit-or-miss, blowing up in your own face almost as often as in your opponent's. The solution? A grenade you can toss, then detonate whenever you want with a press of a button. Or just pick it up again and deactivate it. How useful is that?

The Human Body (all sorts of games) - Truly the deadliest weapon of all! :)

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Dual-elites from CSS... because once you get the technique down, you wont find another gun that is more rewarding or satisfying to use. Pissing people off have never been more fun, good times.

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I'm too lazy to compile a ten item list right now, and it's stepping a bit away from the FPS focus of the thread, but I really like the Unlabored Flawlessness from the Xbox Ninja Gaiden (Black), because it brings together several different elements that I love to see in game/weapon design. Here's my rant a collection of hastily scrawled out notes about why I think it's so fly:

  • For those who haven't played the game, the weapon I'm referring to essentially starts out as the most useless, obsolete piece of shit that you could ever attempt to wield (the wooden sword) , but becomes a special sort of hybrid of the game's sword and heavy weapon classes (the Unlabored Flawlessness) if you spend enough money on it. The real unique point of the weapon's final form, though, is that its attacks become insanely powerful if your health bar is almost empty, dealing more damage than any other weapon in the game.

    You can buy the wooden sword from the first time you find a shop, but its useful form can't be assembled until several chapters later.

  • There is an element of mystery to the weapon, and its purpose/value isn't at all clear right away; the steadily increasing price for wooden sword upgrades can build anticipation without letting the player know what the money is going towards, because until the final upgrade, the crappy wooden sword doesn't visibly improve in any way.

    Indeed, first-time players who don't yet understand the game's combat system well enough to earn large sums of money through killing might never see the Unlabored Flawlessness at all until they replay the game with improved skills. Sinking thousands upon thousands of yellow essence (the game's currency) into seemingly worthless (and expensive) upgrades is much less persuasive than spending the money on health or other consumables, or on any of the game's other weapons which don't cost as much to upgrade, and which do offer immediate and visible improvements every time you upgrade them.

    Even once the Unlabored Flawlessness is assembled (after upgrading the wooden sword seven times, more than twice the amount of upgrades available for typical weapons), its true power (the massive damage increase as player health becomes critical) isn't clearly spelled out for the player. It is hinted at though, by the glowing symbols visible on the weapon at low health.

  • Its effective use can be considered an element of 'advanced' gameplay, by offering a huge reward (including the ability to kill even bosses in mere seconds) to those who have mastered the game's basic defensive/offensive balance and are able to avoid taking any damage. This is of course more easily said than done, since it's really easy to screw up and take damage in the game unless you are very skilled.

    Harnessing the weapon's power forces the player to take risks; they sacrifice the safety buffer of their health gauge for the ability to become an unstoppable death machine. A single mistake will throw a wrench into that machine, though, and put it out of commission.

  • Even for players afraid to intentionally hover at the brink of death all the time, the Unlabored Flawlessness has a special role as a last-ditch weapon; when the shit has hit the fan and you're left with 5% health in a tough fight, the huge boost to damage output gives you a fighting chance to recover, assuming you know how to use it.

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Chainsaw - Doom
Ethereal Crossbow - Heretic
Flamethrower - Grand Theft Auto 2
Molotov Cocktails - Grand Theft Auto 3
Napalm - Twisted Metal 2
Metal Pipe - Streets of Rage
Spreadshot - Contra
Billy Club - Road Rash
Tomatoes - Toejam and Earl

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