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Chocorenderlimits Updated (2011/09/23)

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Welp, I just made a new version of Chocorenderlimits.

It adds more visplane fun stuff, such as coloring and also adds a new gem, visplane bordering (very fun) [F6 toggles]. I also added a "sneak" mode, this captures everything that has been drawn and allows you to move around to see all the drawn stuff [F8]. There also is an option to toggle the seizure causing purple flashes to pure black [F10].

Check it out at http://remood.org/?page=chocorenderlimits&guid=

Have fun!

P.S. Update render-limits branch fraggle, among other things.

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Thanks GhostlyDeath!

The new visplane-showing modes are really cool, and reveal some surprising things about what actually can cause visplane splits in a map.

I'm not entirely sure how useful the sneak mode is in practice, because of the inability to look at the same visplanes and such from different angles. I dunno, though, it might come in handy nonetheless :p

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It helps you maintain Vanilla compatability by showing you where visplanes, vissegs and vissprites limits are being breached, amongst other things.

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