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Odamex Saturday Nitro #6 - Old Schewl CTF

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This week's Odamex Saturday Nitro delves back into the world of capture the flag. Old Schewl CTF should be easy to digest for newcomers and experienced players alike, as the maps transform well-known classics into capture the flag arenas.

WAD: osctfmp1
Maps: 10 (1-10)
Game Mode: 7v7 CTF
Server: [Odamex.net]
Date: Saturday, September 24th @ 8pm EDT

The last few weeks have almost consistently brought in over thirty unique players. The Nitro team is looking to up the ante this week and hoping that those who haven't given Odamex 0.5.4 a shot yet will give it a try.

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Yes, it was your map set and we had a ton of fun. The event went for a little over two hours before people started to dwindle down but it seemed like mostly everybody had a lot of fun! This had some better maps than I remembered

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fyrestorm said:

I really want to clean up some of these levels and maybe do some new ones. Anyone feel like getting involved?

I actually did a few for ZDCTF directors cut, though I don't think that any one of them were nearly as fun as yours were. Count me in!

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