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Infernal Grape

making tc prboom-friendly

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i'm pretty new for this vb, so sorry if this 's stupidness..

So, i decided to make some tc (maps, sprites, music by me)
But i want to have it playable on my handheld, so i must do smth prboom-friendly

And here come some thoughts

1) i CAN'T make , for example this: you walk to wall or pull "use" at sprite and here comes text as speech etc. , cause it's ACS things which aren't in prboom, right?

2) i can replace all textures (and sprites), but i CAN'T have any extra because prboom can support only main wad and pwad, not additional

is this right?

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Both right, to some extent.

You can have additional textures. You can even have new animated textures and switches.

However, you can't make use of new sprites however because you can't add new actor types, only modify existing ones.

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