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Something about Skulltag

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In addition to the zdoom 1.22 obituary strings, there's also:
OB_GRENADE for when you find in single-player that grenades hurt you
OB_MPGRENADE for when you find out the same in multiplayer
OB_IMPSTICK for when you fall on something pointy
OB_SPACE for when you go where no man has gone before and find no air
OB_R_SPLASH2 alternate for when you're killed by rocket splash damage
OB_R_SPLASH3 same as above
OB_ROCKET2 alternate for catching a rocket
OB_ROCKET3 same as above
OB_KILLEDSELF for when you use the kill command
OB_FALLING for when you hit the ground hard and falling damage is on
OB_EXIT2 when you hit the exit in a kill on exit game
OB_R_SPLASHSEC for when you blow yourself up using the rl
OB_ROCKETSEC same as above
OB_SWITCH when you switch teams
OB_CYBORG for when a cyborg gets you
OB_MPROCKETSEC for getting hit with a rocket in multiplayer
OB_MPPLASMARIFLE for being killed by plasma in multiplayer (grammar error in the default string for this, carney)
OB_MPBFG_SPLASHSEC killed by bfg trace in multiplayer
OB_CACOHITSEC being killed by a caco
OB_BARONHITSEC alternate for being killed by a baron's slash
OB_MPFISTSEC killed by fist in multiplayer
OB_MPPISTOLSEC killed by pistol in multiplayer
OB_MPCHAINSAWSEC killed by chainsaw in multiplayer (good one carn)
OB_MPSSHOTGUNGIB gibbed by super shotgun in multiplayer
OB_MPROCKETGIBSEC gibbed by a rocket in multiplayer
OB_MPROCKETGIB same as above
OB_MPROCKETGIB2 same as above
OB_MPROCKETGIB3 same as above
OB_MPROCKETGIB4 yes, another alternate
OB_REFLECTION killed due to a reflection rune
OB_MPG_SPLASH killed by grenade splash damage
OB_G_SPLASH same as above but for single player
OB_G_SPLASH2 same as above
OB_G_SPLASH3 same as above
OB_G_SPLASHSEC same as above

I was going to include more of these, but the others are of things not yet in the game, and we wouldn't want to give all that away, would we carn? =)

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