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Congestion 384 demos [-complevel 2]

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As I said recently I'm not overly enthusiastic about UV Max runs (all maps), but for this particular WAD, I'd like to see one.

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One morning work really, some congestion 384 UV maxes which have not been done.
Map 02 - 0:21
Map 03 - 0.23
Map 04 - 0:26
Map 05 - 0:26
Map 06 - 0:32
Map 07 - 0:18
Map 10 - 0:34
Map 11 - 0:21 Also reality
Map 14 - 0:30 Also reality
Map 15 - 0:38

Some other points, I did not do 13, worst placement of a shotgun ever
Is Map16 possible?

cyc-384 demos.zip

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1ntru said:

Congestion 384
MAP16 UV Max in 0:44

I predict this is getting some competition, heh.

Nice run, this forum forum is quickly reducing the number of hats I own :P
This can be very luck dependent, the number of rockets I landed between the cyber shooting me ranged from zero to 30. This is a lot better than ducking behind the wall, which I did.

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Is MAP13 undone? That one with imps on REDROCK pillars. I did a Max, but it's 0:18, I cannot upload such a bad run. Decided to record UV -fast instead, it's also -fast Tyson (grandmaster style or whatever), the time is 0:23


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I did some random pacifist runs for cyc-384:
Map 01 in 0:06 (worst of the bunch)
Map 07 in 0:03
Map 11 in 0:01
Map 12 in 0:02
Map 15 in 0:05
Map 17 in 0:19

I tried map 16, but my best was only 4.03. Perhaps 3 seconds is possible?


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