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ZDoom Platform Question

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What I had thought would be very simple apparently isn't.

I have a platform sector that the player can access from four sides (North, South, East and West). The North and South sides are triggered via a player crosses special. The East and West side are accessed via a switch (on either side).

The platform sector itself is composed of several sectors (for lighting). I was able to make the lift work fine using the Plat_LowerByValue special but there are now two minor issues. First of all, it is very loud, especially the stop sound, due to each containing sector acting like a lift and making the corresponding noise. Second, I want it to use the "plat/pt1_strt" sound rather than the "plat/pt1_mid" sound.

I attempted to make a script which basically played the "plat/pt1_strt" sound via a SectorSound at full volume and then changed the "plat/p1_mid" sound to null in the SNDINFO lump, but it doesn't affect the stop sound (still extremely loud) and I don't really like essentially removing the mid noise completely since I have a few other minor areas that use that noise (floor changes).

Is there any way to make a specific linedef special or script play a certain noise or mute normal noises per instance (such as muting the sound door A makes but door B sounds like normal)?

TL;DR-- Is there any way to make a multiple sector lift behave exactly like a single sector platform using the Plat_DownWaitUpStay special?

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Perfect! Thank you, Mithran Denizen. That issue was frustrating the shit out of me. Now it works precisely how I wanted it to!

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