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Changing automap name location in Hexen

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When you look at the automap in Hexen, the map's name is displayed at the bottom part of the map, right above the status bar. (See picture: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/coredefender/misc/screenshot_hexen_20110929_173810.png)

What I want to do is to move the map's name to the upper part of the screen, either in the middle(between the monster counter and the timer) or, if there's no room, in the upper left corner(in which case the counter would be beneath it).

Is such a feat at all possible? I found no trace for it in the ZDoom options menu, nor in zdoom.pk3 or hexen.wad. Is it something I missed, or is it at all impossible? It would be a tremendous help for my upcoming Hexen wad.

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If it is possible at all, it would be with a redefinition of the automap HUD through SBARINFO. I'm not really familiar with that lump, though.

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