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funny bones

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A ZDoom compatible patch wad the replaces all monster attacks with the lost soul charging attack. The effect is complete and utter insanity.

You get two choices of flavors; No Gravy (monsters can't fly) or With Gravy (monsters can fly).

NO GRAVY: http://www.braindamage.vg/doom/funnybones.wad
WITH GRAVY: http://www.braindamage.vg/doom/funnybones_with_gravy.wad

I will record a video when I get home, screenshots won't do it justice. In the meantime it would be great if someone else could make a video!


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Flying is better imo, but it loses its novelty pretty quick. You might try:
iogw.wad (it only gets worse) has various trickery (Epilepsy technoseizure mountain on map 12).
Bella.wad map 9 has weird cacos that turn into chaingunners if you get close.

From what I could figure out, you can make more interesting unique enemy behavior by turning off all their decorate stuff and using ACS instead. Decorate pretty much only lets you use default behavior that already exists I think (like the lost soul attack etc).

I actually had that book as a child but forgot what it was about. I think it involved that dog fetching their bones or something.

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I think the dog gets broken and they try to put him back together and fuck it up really badly because they are retarded.

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