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Aliens: Colonial Marines Gameplay Demo Walkthrough

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Looks pretty cool so far. Co-op is confirmed. I'm just hoping they take a lot of ques from the Marine campaigns from the first two Alines Vs Predator games. For the most part they managed to capture the hectic moments of Aliens. If Colonial Marines does the some then it should be a blast. Best of all there was not a single cover-hugging moment in the video. Some thing like that would kill the game play imo.

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It had better be better than AvP 2010. Not much in that video convinces me that it will be though. They only thing they appear to be doing right is perfectly capturing the environment and atmosphere of the movie, but how hard can than be with a whole team of pro designers and modern technology at your disposal?

Also, I was always under the impression that Hadley's Hope was completely obliterated after the explosion at the end of the movie, considering it's right next door to the atmosphere processing plant. For a pseudo-sequel to Aliens it doesn't make a lot of sense.

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The pulse rifle model looked a bit off - iron sights at the top? Come on.

It looked like a standard scripted set-piece FPS.

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Best ALiens FPS I think will always be Trilogy, unless this game is suddenly much better than it currently seems. However, even then this is actually the only game I'm looking forward to for this year (Well, that and Rage.)

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Beware... the feeling was incredible building up to AVP... then it was a pretty meh game.

Right off the bat I think people will want to kill things and the ... walkthrough should be skippable or more interactive like you can release the face hugger. You can kill your mates. Flush the toilets.

I see people complaining that they have to run from the crusher...

It feels very scripted... maybe I'm wrong but even the turret... uh I should just wait to play it.

The game looks great. Like Rage and Doom 3 had a baby.

I think the short controlled bursts need to make sense like you hold it and spray goes everywhere uncontrollably. Like there's real power behind the gun.

Its a nice lil intro level. From Act 2. Hmmm I wonder what Act 1 could be if THEY'VE JUST ARRIVED ON THE PLANETOID.

Anyway, I'm positive... but just nitpicking since its a video and I should shut up. I'll play the game :-) But so far I haven't seen anything that makes me NEED to play the game. But its early.

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