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what's up with wiki?

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The new wiki seems a bit slow? I noticed that before, and even this morning at 0730 EST it was a bit sluggish, but now at 1500 EST it just times out when I try to connect:

I tried different browsers, same deal: they all try to reconnect several times and then give up. Traceroutes look normal: no packet loss, and low pings to mancubus.net. It looks like maybe some kind of server load problem or app server got hung up?

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Indeed, it is notably slower than the old wiki.

Personally, I also miss the auto complete search term option, since I can't spell :p

Though, otherwise it's loads better than the old wiki.

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MancuNet is having load issues. Manc is experimenting with new server settings, and I have disabled some of the superfluous MediaWiki add-ons. Initial impressions are that it's faster right now; whether it'll scale any better with traffic is impossible to say at this point.

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DoomWiki has always been on and off for me in terms of speed.

But I just checked and it's loading normally

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