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Ultimate Doom Episode (limit-removing)
Description: Monsters in a comedy club.

Doom Episode (vanilla/doom.exe)
DOWNLOAD: loserfag.zip (e1m1-e1m5, e1m9)
Description: Slaughtermaps

Limit-removing Doom2 map
Description: Dr. Gar F. Elet is a corrupt scientist who's been perfecting his new teleporting technology while in prison.

2011 WAD 1
Boom-compatible Doom2 map
Description: Slaughtermap

2011 WAD 2
Limit-removing Doom2 map
Description: Slaughtermap

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ZDoom-compatible Doom2 map
Description: Remake of the LakeView Hotel from Silent Hill 2.

ZDoom-compatible Doom2 map
Description: Remake of my old high school from memory.

ZDoom-compatible Doom2 map
Description: Remake of the Nut House level from Redneck Rampage.

ZDoom-compatible Doom2 map
Description: Tropic vacation.

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FDAs for loserfag.

E1M1: I liked it.
E1M2: It dragged on for too long against enemies that didn't pose a threat but took a while to clean up. I suppose the point is to kill just enough to activate switches and let cybies out for maxes, but coming in without previous knowledge it feels like a map that would have been more interesting without any extra health.
E1M3: Great fun, my favorite of the bunch.
E1M4: It was OK. HOMs in GL mode (obviously).
E1M5: !
E1M9: Nice layout, you put a lot of work in the architecture and it shows. Seriously though, the monster placement / ammo balance was spot on and that was enough to keep things interesting.

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Thx guys. I'll check the FDAs tomorrow, I gotta go now.
Btw, I made e1m9 from scratch, exactly like the original, with two doom builder windows open and using linedef lengths and vertices on the 8x8 grid to figure it out. That justifies a modified ID level, right? ;)

EDIT: Cool FDAs Phml, you did good. Also cool e1m1 FDA Memfis.

I forgot that e1m5 needs that door at the start to be closed (the one that leads to the unfinished hallway. You press the closed door and the map starts.

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