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Rune Textures for Doom2

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Hello doomers,

now I'm working to thousands projects, I have many ideas but i fear that there will be some unfinished works... :-(

But now I'm concentrating my jobs with Clive Barker's Undying Textures (I'm working on TEXMAP.wad, textures are finished) and Rune Textures (RUNERES.zip).

I think that Clive Barker and Rune Resources will be uploade in December, if everything goes fine.

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Any screenshots? This thread will go to Post Hell if it didn't contain anything.

Always post new threads about something to discuss, share or show.

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OH NO! I don't have internet and my pc is at home! I'm in an internet cafè and I can't reach any screenshots... I hope next time I'll upload some!

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Why you didn't wait with this thread until you have internet? it might be more useful with links, screenshots, etc., than some little description.

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