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Someone make me a Birthday WAD (please)

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I've fixed the bits on MAP03, added a goofy titlepic and a Dehacked file to display on the automap who made the map and who it was made for. Since the project ends with MAP06 I thought it would be cool to have a message on the intermission text but... I came up with nothing.

Here is v3 of October.wad. If you give it a pass I'll upload it to /idgames.

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Hahaha, I love that title screen. I didn't encounter any other problems playing the levels, I really enjoyed them and I'd say it's good to go.

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And it's there.

I renamed it Oct11.wad as there was already any October.wad and, who knows, there may be another next year.

Demos are gratefully received :-)

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Is this open to anyone? I'd like a wad for my birthday. :)

Not a map, but I've been wanting a custom enhancement wad that is more subtle than most the others.

psx sound effects

PK smooth weapons

shell casings

footsteps/terrain sound fx

Red flash when getting hit like in quake.

the nice glowy effects for the lava pools and sizzling sound fx
Stepping/falling in water sounds

nashgore + the little wall blood splatter effect I ripped from Legacy of Suffering.

Nice lighting

The nice contrast3 wad someone made that I can't remember.

Brightmaps that give the zombies and demons glowing yellow eyes, red for imps and revenants, and appropriate colors for the other enemies. Not super bight glowing eyes though.

Maybe the alternate deaths here: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=14773

I tried putting these together myself in the past, but couldn't figure it out.

Anyways, thought I'd put it out there for my birthday or maybe Christmas. My birthday is March 1st btw.

Thanks to anyone who might put it together.

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soon (the 13th of april) is mah birthday and if someone will make me a map i'll be very glad.... extra points for twisted dimensions "human\hell" theme (like in shores of hell, you know...) and anime references.

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thanks! now i'll playing it...

EDIT: Played with chocorenderlimits without any problems, died two times (as first in the sludge near the red key door, then in the gray maze near the yellow key) and actually is a nice, relaxing map with some hard moments. Music used just follow the path of a serene play. I found myself without many ammunition in two circumstances (always the famous gray maze and in the exit room trap...), fighting only with my chainsaw... also there's a part in the brown room that needs some wall alignment...

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Glad you enjoyed it. I agree that ammo is a bit scarce. Texture misalignments don't bother me much (and in some cases they actually look cool to me).
Did you recognize the song? :)

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