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[resolved] EDF bug? Fall codepointer

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When calling the Fall action during a non-death sequence, eg at the end of a walking cycle, the monster goes through the motions of 'dying' but doesn't actually do so. Shooting it again will trigger a new death sequence upon which it is truely dead.

What's going on?

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I have been meaning to comment on this.

The behavior of A_Fall is to set a monster as non-solid. It does not trigger any state transition, and it does not set a monster as being really dead in any other way.

EE has not changed the behavior of this, so my suggestion is to regression-test a similar DeHackEd patch against vanilla DOOM and against WinMBF. Only if there is a difference in behavior is there any sort of problem here. Otherwise the game engine is doing exactly what you have told it to do - make a monster non-solid.

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All that Fall does is remove the SOLID flag. Excerpt from the Linux Doom code, which I believe to be identical to vanilla Doom in the gameplay aspect:

void A_Fall (mobj_t *actor)
    // actor is on ground, it can be walked over
    actor->flags &= ~MF_SOLID;

    // So change this if corpse objects
    // are meant to be obstacles.
Disregard the comments.

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Issue was 'resolved' a while ago on IRC. The codepointer I was looking for was "Die", not "Fall". "Die" actually suicides a monster, unlike Fall that merely removes the solid flag.

The confusion started while examining other suicide bomber monsters: most of them use Fall together with a detonation effect. All make the same wrong assumption: it's the actual detonation effect that kills the monster, not Fall.

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Mordeth said:

it's the actual detonation effect that kills the monster, not Fall.

If you go that route, be wary that if such monsters also have explosive deaths, they'll explode twice when committing this kind of suicide.

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