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Awesome, Badorek-style (?) tech-base. In Doom2.exe you get tutti-frutti on the stairs leading to RL and BK ("presumably works in vanilla" made me want to check it).

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I've never heard about Andy Badorek before. I'll check out his maps.
So there was no HOMs/VPOs? Great. :)

dannebubinga: Yeah, the level progression is kinda awkward... I'll think how to improve it.

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Nice. Here's mine, a couple of stupid hits on attempts 1 and 2, an embarrassing death on attempt 3, an Archvile hit on attempt 4 but finished anyway. PrB+ with complevel 9.


I like the level, the detailing looks great and the low light makes the simple enemies seem more dangerous. You'll see me panic a few times and just let loose with the chaingun everywhere.

The difficulty is pretty much the same all the way through, this makes the start very hard (prior knowledge may be needed to survive?) and the end battle not so hard. I was still really working all the way through so the challenge is good. I really like your trap style.

The layout is pretty nice though sometimes a little switch-hunty. I got lost a couple of times and just walked around checking key areas where I expected something new to be. However as the map is compact and different areas look different, it's very navigable so this wasn't a huge problem. Nice music too.

Overall very enjoyable. 4/5

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This was a really good level. Great contrast between dark and light areas. Good gameplay. Architecture was simple without being boring. Design was good enough that even weak monsters could have a huge impact. Nice level this one. gg

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