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Dr. Durr

Is there a miror for Wad Builder?

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I was tired of having to move the graphics I made on my iBook to a flash drive, then taking it over to my Windows computer, which had SlumpEd. I looked for a Doom editor for Mac OS X, and learned about Wad Builder, but every link I find goes to the original page it's from, which gives me a 404 error.

So I was wondering if there was a mirror to it.

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I wrote Wad Builder years ago when I was a kid. It's not a SLumpEd replacement by any means. About the only use I ever got out of it was extracting the MP3 and OGG music from RTC-3057. It's not a lump editor, it just exports all the lumps into numbered files in a big folder and then lets you turn them back into a wad again. Honestly I wouldn't even really want to trust its ability to safely put a wad together; I wrote some pretty awful code :P

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