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Two questions about corpses

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You guys know how there are corpses on the ground in some maps. Well which monster do these corpses belong to or are they marine corpses? Also if they are monster corpses can they be resurrected by arch-viles.

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The corpses wearing the green suits (like Doomguy's in the title picture) are other space marines who died during the invasion.

The corpses that look like dead monsters are dead monsters, probably also killed during the invasion.

Pre-placed corpses cannot be resurrected by Arch-viles, they are decorations. Only monsters which have died during the course of the level can be brought back to life.

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If you mean the green soldier corpses, then yes in single player, they are just decoration, they are not monsters, and cannot be resurrected by an archvile.

I am talking about unmodified Doom here.

There are some custom maps and some monsters which make use of such corpses for actual monsters in which case they are generally resurrectable by archviles.

[edit] Darn you Super Jamie.

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Thanks cause I was wondering whether gibs on the map could be resurrected. I knew about the marine corpses but wasn't sure about monster corpses and gibs.

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Even in source ports that allow "resurrectable pre-placed corpses", at least if you limit yourself to Boom features, they have to start their "life" on the map, so to speak, as normal Doom monsters which then are pre-killed with special actions.

This ensures that THOSE particular corpses will actually be monsters that are in their "dead" state, and thus will have a reversible death sequence. Decoration corpses are not technically "dead" from the engine's standpoint, but just different objects that happen to look the same as corpses.

To put it another way, when you are looking at "dead marine", "dead monsters" etc. decorations, you are actually looking at their -one and only- "alive" frame, which just happens to look like a dead marine, imp etc. ;-)

To resurrect them, they'd have to be transformed into an entirely different type of object first AND they would have to be forcibly set to a particular state of that object (E.g. decorative dead imp -> transform into normal imp -> set state to dead). That can't be done without an extra layer of scripting or some dehacked trickery (in theory you could have decoration that has a "dead" state, but the hard part is forcing it to enter it).

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