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bot question

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What's the best bot you've used for Doom or Quake or anything related to that? The worst bot? The best bot I've used for any game is Eraser Bot (QUAKE 2) The bots are fun to play with in deathmatch, but it doesn't support co-op. (or does it?) The worst bots I've used are the ones in half-life. Jumbot, HPB Bot, you name 'em. They're either too cheap or too retarded to play with. Anyone else have a favorite/ least favorite bot?

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Understanding that doom is top priority, I'd offer that the bots in Unreal Tournament are fantastic. Skills can be set from easy-to-frag to godlike. They use 100% of the maps well. They grab your weapons after they frag you and taunt you (game options) with voice messages and teasing gestures.
This game needs a graphics accelerator card on most computers, to look good and play smoothly. Zdoom (my favorite doom port) needs/uses no graphics accelerator card.

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