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New Vanilla Doom2 map.

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Sorry about the invisible trees in the yard, I rebuilt the wad with S_END instead of SS_END. The wad works properly now. I love deutex.

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I wouldn't like to dissapoint you, but I didn't like this level. A bit flat, undetailed and some place you didn't use the textures well.

However, my first work wasn't better, maybe worse, than this map. So I have to say that it's a nice and funny first try! Keep it up!

PS.: Vanguard music :)

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I really liked this level. Great atmosphere, dark without being too dark, simple but effective. Music choice added to the atmosphere too.

A classic styled map that works really well.


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Melon said:

How do you open a .tar.gz file? Not one I've come across before.

You can use winrar to open these, that is what I use in Windows 7.

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