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So, I've played through Doom 3 again...

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I never found it scary or atmospheric at all before. But on my last playthrough I've decided to use my awesome headphones. And now I've GOT it! The ambient sounds that are too quiet to hear on the standard PC speakers are what make Doom 3 really creepy. Machine sounds, drones and stuff. Looks like I've found new love for Doom 3 :)

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Really? I always found the ambient effects distracting. The sound is one of the worst aspects of the game. No matter where you were, it seemed like there was a constant clamor of WHOOSH RUMBLE BUZZ CLANK RRRRRRRR overpowering everything. Plus most of the enemy noises were overly grating and even the item pickup sounds were overdone.

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Oh, definitely. With EAX or some other card-level audio enhancement, headphones, and a loud enough volume, the game's horror intent actually really works. Earlier today when I was playing I was actually getting startled by many of the imp encounters because of the blast of audio over the techno-hum of the computers in the CPU complex.



Sgt. Kelly is one of the most anticlimactic boss fights I've ever fought.

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