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Doom3 doesn't work with "Piggyback" GPU setups

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Title pretty much says it.

This mostly applies to the new gaming/developers notebooks (most notable are the new HP books and Thinkpad series) that use Intel Integrated Graphics and Nvidia GPUs together. Doom 3 will crash with an access violation at ntdll.dll. From disassembly I can trace it back to Doom3 trying to determine the GPU itself. As a result, it crashes with no error message whatsoever.

There is no fix for this. I assume that this error will only be fixed with a release of the source code at this point.

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NOt with the NVS models with 64-bit OSes. It won't even start.

My apologies, as I failed to mention that.

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Makes sense. 64bit Toshiba here.
Well, the source code should be out before the end of this year, so it should be interesting to see how easy this issue is to fix.

DuckReconMajor said:

What is this "piggybacking"? I did a quick search and can't quite find anything on it.

Most laptops nowadays come with 2 GPUs. One is an Integrated Intel HD, the other is usually a dedicated Nvidia GPU. The Nvidia 'piggybacks' the Intel by acting as a second GPU while running off the same display adapters through the Intel.
Not sure why they do this exactly, but it does create issues for things that expect it to be a separate device. Ubuntu (X?) for one thing fails to use it despite knowing it's there, thinking it isn't hooked up to any monitors.

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Xaser said:

If id doesn't fix it, someone will.


But Doom 3 ain't so popular is it? If it were, more people would be making maps for it.

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