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Looking for a WAD

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I'm looking for a Doom WAD which I've seen on a picture. Sadly, I have only a few information about it, but hopefully somebody can help.

In the picture there was a platform with usual UAC-style crates, and on the right side there was something brown rock-texture.

I can't remember where I saw the picture, maybe on Doomworld (not in the forum, but on something other link) and the WAD might be a Doom 1-style remake.

Yes I know there are too many "maybe" but I hope somebody understand what am I thinking.

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when you said brown rock texture, I immediately started thinking of quake.

Maybe Dutch Devil's Riot Control?

or maybe KDiZD

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That KDiZD picture is very yery similar, but not that which I'm looking for. In the picture I saw a smaller area. But thanks!

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