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Not sure if most of you remember or not, but I have made a pretty bad attempt at posting art here (http://www.doomworld.com/vb/fan-fics-fan-pics/50268-my-sketches-and-such/2/ which I shamelessly pulled a newb "everyones trolling meh" cry)

But uh, I've improved massively since then with-



These aren't really my best (my best are far more recent, like done this year, and I've never scanned them)

But I've improved a lot since middle school. ( I hope...)

And how was my thread not helled?

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Some of those animal portraits are pretty good, actually. Keep improving on human form and whatnot.

yellowmadness54 said:

And how was my thread not helled?

Constructive criticism isn't required, and forum content is still content, regardless of some users' opinions.

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