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A Map 30 Level

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This is a Final level idea I had where you have to ascend a large stairway while fighting off hordes of monsters that are constantly spawning but when you reach a monster spawn point you can deactivate it. This allows you to progress slowly towards the Icon of Sin. It is a bit bland in detail but is very epic and will provide an interesting battle.
(Limit Removing)
Link: http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/get/FMPqtoKGLR/map-30-concept.zip

It is fairly difficult but is very possible while saving often.
Ironically you can easily finish the level by simply running strait to the end but I think I'll leave it that way as this is just a concept. Also if anyone wants to use this map or idea go ahead, just be sure to credit me.
Have fun and tell me what you think.

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This was awesome, a really unique take on the map 30 thing. You have to fight your way back up fast, or you just get overwhelmed, you can't really slowly advance up the hill.

Great idea, well worth playing. :)

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