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Du Mhan Yhu

Hanging sprite problem. [SOLVED]

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I am having a problem trying to get this Hanging victim - 1 leg (not blocking) sprite to work right.


Now, the Hanging Victim-1 leg (not blocking) appears to be hanging in front of the metal beam, when actually it's hanging on the bottom of it. Now if I use Hanging Victim-1 leg (blocking) it places just fine, I've tried moving segs, Making the sector wider, Redoing the sector all together, nothing seems to work..

Would anyone happen to know whats going on with this particular sprite?

*Map is in Boom format

I should add, that no matter where I use this sprite in the map, it looks as if it's hanging halfway out of the ceiling.

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It is a doom bug.

If you compare the heights of both using DB2 in doom, or boom format for that matter, you will notice that Thing Type 51, which is the blocking type, has a height of 84, which is more or less correct. Now check the height of Thing Type 61, the non-blocking variant. It has a height of 52, which is incorrect. In software ports, as you have found, it will appear to slide around the ceiling, depending on the players position, and in most GL ports, it will look as though the sprite is half rendered into the ceiling.

You could change the height of Thing Type 61 to 84 using DeHackEd/WhackEd2

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