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Hi, (possible stupid) question about D64 Wad

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Hi guys:

Since the begginings of this year I discovered the Legacy for PSP.
Before that, I was a Doom PSX player since 1999.
I don't like too much play on PC, consoles are my choose always.
My PSP resurrected my Doom addiction because of the compatibilty with custom wad levels :)
Now I've almost test every wad from this site, but now a stupid question.... there's some wad who has the Doom 64 levels for Doom 1 or Doom 2 ?
I know about D64TC by kaiser, I've tested his D64 wads but they have a lot of bugs when you run it as a "normal" custom wad on Legacy PSP. So that's why my question, plz...
I know about a 8 level Wad with D64 levels, but I ask for an entire wad with the full D64 levels for D1 or D2.
(sorry if my english is odd, I'm a spanish speaker)
Thanks in advance.

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Doom 64 uses a lot of features that aren't present in baseline PC Doom, such as macro-based scripting, colored sector lights, new weapons, new monsters, different set of decorative items, vertical placement of items in the map, and more.

For all these reasons, it is not possible to port the Doom 64 levels to a PC Doom-based port like Legacy PSP. The Doom 64 TC you speak off was based on a custom modified version of Doomsday.

The best way to play Doom 64 would be with the Doom64 Ex port, but I doubt anyone tried to port it to the PSP.

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Thx for reply.
Well, just must go to back to my N64 to enjoy it as it deserves :D
Anyways the DOom 64 that I extracted from TC just have one error: the character (the star guest/player) in some areas recieves damage with no reason, as the novice floors typical damage. Just for that it doesn't work well. Thanks to god the stage I wanted, Absolution, works without problems, except after killing all the monsters, there's no exit from it :D.
Thanks for the info ! Wish the DS WIP can be ported to PSP as well someday .

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