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General Rainbow Bacon

Musicians, post some links to mp3s or youtube vids of you playing

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So I'm actually doing something with this mass of songs I can play but will never need to play them.
A bass cover of Bon Jovi's It's My Life.

Nothing to see here, Bucket :P

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More Bucket repellent. This is a non-Doom musical project.
Essentially, it's a bunch of Bon Jovi bass covers. This is the first block, which I finished uploading today, and 3 more blocks need to be added to the list until it is finished.


*rest of post blanked. I hate having to look at my autistic-esque lists that even I don't know why I bothered typing, months after I typed them*

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chesse20 said:

For some reason, that sounded only remotely like Map01 to me. Not bad, though.

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Wind band I play in. I don't come in until after 4:30 (I'm the vibraphone player.)

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