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General Rainbow Bacon

Musicians, post some links to mp3s or youtube vids of you playing

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darkreaver said:

Thanks, I liked your track too, along with many of the other songs you have up there! =)

What software do you use? I'm getting a Reason-vibe here

Thank you! I use Ableton, actually. Why, what do you use?

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Stewboy said:

Me doing a timpani solo.

Woo, timpani. It's always been a bit of a wonder, what drumheads do you use on timpani?

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Here's a re-arrangement I made a while back that I'm still working on.
MP3: http://mus.thewaitingroom.org/Toccata%2020141613_234331.mp3
FLAC: http://mus.thewaitingroom.org/flac/Toccata%2020141613_234331.flac

In case you're wondering, I only have the first 2 minutes of about an 8 minute song cos I wanted to work on my guitar/bass mix and get it right before recording the whole thing. I'm using miked amps, and re-tracking this whole song over and over would be a huge headache. I need a reamp box. :'(

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S-Priest said:

So people still use the SC-55 drumkit, do they?

actually, that's FL Studio's General MIDI kit that's automatically assigned when using Fruity LSD.

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Sounds like the SC-55, those might be licensed Roland samples then. The Windows GS soft synth is based on Roland Sound Canvas samples, Fruity Loops must be using them too... It could just be loading the default Windows DLS file.

The actual samples are from 1991 methinks... 1996 would just be the last revision.

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Fl Studio says it's the Roland GM/GS Sound-Set, which sounds like the Microsoft Synth, just played at a higher fidelity. no idea how it does that, though.

durian said:

This is great! I like how jaunty it is; the acid breakbeat fits very nicely.

thank you! i found it odd how a breakbeat fit the song so well, but it totally does.

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