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Wildweasel Presents Nazis: recommended levels

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Really quickly, are there other levels that work perfectly with the mod that aren't listed in the readme? (By the way, the enemies in the mod are definitely tougher overall despite thankfully not being hitscan-oriented, I'll give them that much)

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If you haven't already tried it with Scythe2, TVR!, or Hellcore, give those a go. Also, if the techbase aesthetics aren't too off-putting, I find the mod plays really well with Equinox.

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@WildWeasel - I might look for some other levels that fit with the mod sometime. To be frank about this mod, I do appreciate the lack of homing projectiles from the enemies... then again, most of the bullet-oriented enemies are dangerous enough as is, and the dogs are REALLY annoying if they come in huge packs.

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