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Ultimate Doom WAD idea

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Hy everyone,

Recently I had a weird dream with small space stations and fighting airships above the pure sea in Doom-style, so I got an interesting WAD idea.

In this story, the protagonist is a cyborg-like being who was made by humans but he realize that his makers are evil who want to open Hell's Gate. In the first episode, the hero escapes through the space station, until the teleportation sector where he has the first boss-fight.

Then he teleports to a medieval-like planet where night is permanent, so the place were overrun by hellspawn. This the second episode where the hero looks for a clue to finish the evil action. On the last level on this episode he fought through a castle where he kills the second boss and teleports into an unknown location.

In the third episode the hero is in a harbour where two airships just begin to move to another place of the planet. The hero starts to follow them through several small waypoints, and finally he infiltrates to the main ship and defeat the third boss.

That's it. What do you think about it? I think it was a bit detailed, but I love creating stories.

I wouldn't like to make any maps yet, I just want to hear your opinions about this small story, which was created from a dream.

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I've always had this weird grouping of Doom, metal, and night time/spacy broad, lonely looking seas...often with storms over them.
Especially port like areas, example


So this wad's first episode and scenery sounds great!

Its either that type of port, or those really creepy old timey ports with like... wooden buildings and rotting docks and all.

In fact, I associate a lot of weird things with doom and metal.

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Hmm, the first episode sounds like Zen Dynamics. :P

The idea of Doom-on-an-airship definitely seems like it's worth a shot, though. Haven't seen anything even close to that since Action Doom. ;)

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Xaser said:

Hmm, the first episode sounds like Zen Dynamics. :P

But according to my memories, Zen Dynamics hasn't any space station levels. :D

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