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HLTV Proxy

Heretic in Doom

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I don't mind remaking this with doom textures, I just need to know which doom textures to use where, that's all. Will the normal doom/doom2 textures be enough?

For example, "Woodwal" texture from heretic, what could replace that? As it's a very commonly used texture. Same with that bricky one outside and inside the start area of E1M1.


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You could always exercise some creativity and just go with whatever you think looks good in any given area, rather than trying to match all of the Heretic textures to Doom textures with 1:1 correspondence.

Even if you'd rather just replace every instance of each Heretic texture with a Doom one, I don't think the pairs would all need to look closely equivalent for such a conversion to work (if you want the levels to look exactly as they did in the original game, then you might as well just use Heretic's textures anyway). So long as they tile in more or less the same way, you could substitute in whatever you think fits.

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HLTV Proxy said:

I would have to port all the ammo types, all the weapons, sprites and monsters and THEN code their behaviors.

No, you wouldn't have.

Do you know that the Doom weapons, monsters and sprites already have their behaviors coded in ZDoom? It's true! Just play Doom a bit and you'll notice it: you have the Doom stuff and it behaves just like in Doom! Astounding, isn't it?

All you'd need to do is provide the sprites and sounds, and tell the engine you want these things to replace the Heretic ones.

It'd be less work than doing the same thing the other way around for all textures and decorative items.

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HLTV Proxy said:

There's nothing in the fine print that tells me that I cannot take from the shareware version and use it's resources.

There doesn't have to be. If permission isn't specifically granted, then it is withheld. That's how copyright works. All rights are reserved by the creator, except those they choose to grant to others.

You may wish to note Doom: The Heresy, which managed to achieve something of this type in an apparently legal way (the user needed to have both Heretic and Doom, and some software tools extracted resources user-side). Generally speaking, it wasn't too well received by the community, though a few people seemed to like it.

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