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Doom Builder 2 SW1SKULL - ZDoom UDMF

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I'm using the Plutonia IWAD for a map. In the texture window I can see the SW1SKULL and SW2SKULL, but when I use them they are changed in some other texture in visual mode and in the game itself (a big skull under a screw). Examining the iwad I noticed that the skull under the screw is the patch named RW48_4, and is not present in the textures at all. What's happening?
Thank you very much!

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Works fine for me. What version of DB2 are you using? What does the texture look like in SLADE or some other tool like that?

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In Plutonia.wad, SW1SKULL has the patch SW1SKULL.

In Doom2.wad, SW1SKULL has the patch RW48_4.

So, somehow these two IWADs are getting mixed up (check in F6 - Resources and Testing), or your Plutonia.wad is corrupted.

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