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[Request] How to make a Doom Palette?

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I have been looking everywhere for a way to make a palette. I tried Inkworks, but I think I cant find a way to make it work. I just want two palettes: one that translates Red to Green, and other that translates Red to Dark Gray. Can somebody do it for me?

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You can use SLADE 3 for that quite easily (SVN build, not 3.0.2).

1. Copy the Doom PLAYPAL to your mod.
2. Select your copy of PLAYPAL.
3. Click on Palette and there choose "Tweak".
4. Click on the first red index and drag the mouse to the last red index.
5. Change hue (to turn into green, use a value around 0.340) or saturation and luminosity (for dark gray, set saturation to 0 and reduce luminosity as desired).
6. Click on "OK".
7. Click on Palette again and now choose "Generate Palettes" to create the full range needed by vanilla and most ports.
8. Click on the "Save changes" button and save your mod.

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