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Vortex Lord

Can`t replace the pistol right.

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I replaced the SuperShotgun with Triple Shotty!
Also I need to replace the pistol with SuperShotgun I named it in the decorate "Pistol2 : Pistol Replaces Pistol" but still when I start GZDoom to test my mod original pistol is still my starting weapon and ZDoom Wiki says that pistol definition they have is from Skulltag.
Please help!

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Unless I'm mistaken, simply replacing the original pistol with "Pistol2" here won't have any effect on the player's starting inventory, because the player's initial loadout is based on a bunch of actor properties that don't account for DECORATE replacements. The "replaces" keyword in this situation only affects instances of the pistol that appear as a pickup within the map, while the player's default pistol is given to them without taking replacements into consideration, again, based on how the weapon slots are assigned.

You have a few options on how you want to assign the new starting weapon instead, which you can see on this page, but creating a custom player class to specify the desired starting weapon(s) is what I'd do in your case.

Hope this helps. :)

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