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My DooM(and Wolf3d) Fan-games

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Why would you make an inferior game using the resources from an established (and copyrighted) game? Make your own resources and don't steal from others.

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Well Jazzmaster, you obviously like Id games.

In truth, for the amount of effort you must have put into this, I would encourage you to grab a copy of Doombuilder 2 and make levels for Doom/Doom2 itself. The Doom2 engine is far superior for FPS gaming than what you have used.

See, that way, you can use any Doom resources without infringing copyright, as Doom's EULA allows use of resources, as long as the result requires an official iwad to run. Whereas this is a standalone game, which doesn't require any commercial version of Doom to run.

I played through the first episode, and tbh, I didn't mind it. It is as good as it could be given engine limitations. I like how when monsters got close, everything goes dark and you take continuous damage as long as they remain there. That is an effect worth replicating. Also, I liked the simplicity. One type of ammo, and shooting stuff and that is about it..

But yeah, the Doom engine itself is a much better option for making Doom games. Give it a shot. :)

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