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I have tried the map. It seems a bit amateur and small (nearly claustrophobic), although the architecture and the use of ZDoom & GZDoom effects were fantastic, so let me congatulate to this map!

I'll definitely try your next map too.

PS.: the deep water was too deep...

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A zdoom project made by a new mapper...interesting. Well, I played your map. Aside from what Katamori had to say, I might want to add more.
1) your map has rocket ammo, but no rocket launcher. I don't see the point.
2) you have some useless weapons. The first one is that gun that looks like an M16. Since the doom chaingun can already be extremely accuarate with tapping, it has really no point. The second one would be the second plasma gun. It deals the same amount of damage, but fires slower. I recommend either removing it, or making the secondary fire primary and remove the primary fire. The third bad weapon is the fast shotgun. If you have it, you won't ever use the SG and SSG anymore, so it's sort of overpowered.

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Rayzik said:

That deep water isn't actually a ZDoom deep-water, just the flat bleeding trick. Did you mean that the lower sector is too low and you fell down into it?

Yes, I know (of course), I just say that raise the flat with 8 units. If you make a ZDoom WAD, think over that anybody can crouch and will see this bug. make deep water, but not as deep as the missing texture can be noticeable.

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