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The Land of UltahBuhVaria: Ultimate-DM!

What do you think of this magnificent creation???  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you think of this magnificent creation???

    • I really like this wad
    • This wad is okay
    • This wad needs improvement
    • This wad needs to go away
    • I\'m mad cause you can map better so I hate this! >:(

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So I've been leading this clan called [U] aka UltahBuhVaria, AKA Ultimate if you don't want to remember my ridiculous long and original name. Were mostly stationed on Skulltag, but I hope to invoke players from ZD or Oda to join, but I'm not here to recruit I'm here to showcase the clan wad, which might not be a good idea seeing as how most clan wads are subjected to one port and one port only.

Well I'm different.

So I've been in development with a Boom created wad for compatibility on all ports, so far the levels work on ZD, Skulltag and Odamex (aside from a few bugs) and I'm willing to post about it here and let Doomworld tear this wad apart. Most of these maps were designed by me, and in the zip file you can find a changelog and a maplist which illustrates who created what and what I did specifically to the wad itself. However if you're too lazy to look at the maplist.txt then I will record the maplist here as well. Screenshots are many so I'll just post a few.

So heres the wad Ultimate-DM Version 13

And heres the maplist along with screenshots:

ULTDM01 = Shane
ULTDM02 = Shane
ULTDM03 = Shane
ULTDM04 = Shane
ULTDM05 = Shane
ULTDM06 = Shane
ULTDM07 = Spider
ULTDM08 = Shane
ULTDM09 = Shane
ULTDM10 = Shane
ULTDM11 = Stipsi
ULTDM12 = Baron
ULTDM13 = Shane
ULTDM14 = Baron
ULTDM15 = Baron

1 2 3 4

Known Bugs:
So far the only bugs originate on Odamex, and are pretty severe but to a certain degree if you're a visual nazi.
-After ULTDM10 the sound cuts off
-A lot of ANIMDEFS issues, certain textures animate the wrong patches
-Custom switches do not work

Now I know Odamex staff team is swamped, so I'm not pushing them to fix these changes anytime soon, in any case you can play all the maps on Odamex just fine!

Theres a issue with the music, yes everyone doesn't really like it, so I'm asking for any MIDI composers out there to replace my placeholder songs, except for ULTDM11, the MIDI in place there is for joke reasons and will remain. Britney Spears + DooM = Genius.

Minor minor mis texturing on ULTDM13, which will be fixed by next release, promise <3.

Neat Extras:
Ultimate-DM on Skulltag allows usage of it's cmpginfo lump, which means when you play the levels on ST, you can choose them from episode and play with bots if you don't feel like going online and playing with people.

This is a fun wad, it has it's ups and downs, and I hope you enjoy what we put together (so far) and if you feel like you want to join in on this fun, you can! It's not restricted to clan only members developing it, it's a open project that allows anyone to submit maps.

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The link doesn't work. The screenshots look kinda neat. I'll check it out once you get the link working. Maybe I can get some people together to play it with.

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My bad thanks for lettin me know, turns out the U in the link had to be lower cased (silly capital nazi mistakes!)

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