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Cyber Demon for sale

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Hi All

Just thought i would pop on and let you know about the Cyber Demon prototype model on ebay, they are pretty rare and just thought you guys would be interested in it


Thanks Jordan

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Rel122 said:

Cyber Demon prototype model

It's not one of the prototype miniatures (you'd start a stampede if it was) but it has one of the better paint jobs I've seen.

Hell's Vendetta said:

Does the seller accept US currency?

He accepts payment through PayPal, so that shouldn't be an issue.

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id felt the original mold for the cyberdemon failed to express it's massive size in-game.

EDIT: One of our fellow Doomworlders possesses one, I believe.

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I can't wait for the day when one makes a real sized Cyberdemon wax figure, if not a cyborg.

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I'm disappointed that none mentioned me yet or made lame puns about my uhm....specialty.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Dusty purchased the moulds and has prototype cybers scattered around his front yard instead of garden gnomes. :)

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Marnetmar said:

Aww, I thought you were selling a real pet cyberdemon.

Been there, done that. He doesn't have to be litter trained but I had to have him de-rocketed after he destroyed my couch.

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