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Mock movie advertising / Texture help

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I'm making a cinema based level and I am in need of fake movie and product advertisements to plaster around the map like the way a real theater has such things.

Any idea which maps or where I could add so it's not that I have to use real products that are color and size reduced?

Edit: I imported some textures for use, while they look fine in Doom Builder, they look black in game. I get a warning on "Invalid data" even tho all the images were in BMP format and in Doom palette. What's going on here?

I have the file for those to inspect the lump files for those to try and fix things: http://www.mediafire.com/?ozuh314013an5ec

I added the textures with SlumpEd and edited a little with XWE, also any tips on how to avoid it happening with new textures as I add them?

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Mr. Chris said:

I added the textures with SlumpEd and edited a little with XWE

There's your problem, when it comes to editing texture lumps those two don't get on. I'll post a fix shortly.

EDIT - Here you go, I'd suggest you dump SlumpEd and use Slade instead.

EDIT 2 - Had to fix the fix after noticing a duplicate patch.

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Thanks GreyGhost, I appreciate it. The blank textures were driving me nuts. What was it that was making my textures show up black, if you might know?

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You're welcome.

The blank texture issue is an old problem. Gez posted a technical explanation here - the tl;dr version being that SlumpEd tends to pad short patch and texture names with random characters. XWE doesn't know about null bytes (which are used to terminate short names), treats those random characters as part of the patch name and is then unable to find the corresponding patches. I think it also converts null bytes to spaces then re-writing the TEXTURE* lump, which makes the problem worse.

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